Ontario Bootcamp

You’ll get amazing results and have the expertise of a personal trainer at an Ontario Bootcamp. You won’t have to pay the same cost as taking private sessions, either. In fact, most people that attend boot camps say it’s far less expensive than many other ways, such as joining a gym. That’s because everyone in the boot camp pays part of the cost of the trainer’s time, so it’s far less per person, but you still get the personalized attention and individualized plan you’d get in private sessions.

Personal trainers run boot camps and first assess each person’s level of fitness.

Don’t worry that you won’t be able to keep up with the others or that they’ll slow you down when you go to a boot camp. Boot camps have people with a wide variety of levels of fitness. However, each person is working at his or her own level. The trainer may have everyone doing a specific type of exercise, but will adjust the intensity or number of reps. If one of the participants has a special need, such as a bad back, the trainer will modify the exercise for that need for that person.

You’ll work toward your maximum capacity at a boot camp.

Since the trainer has identified your level of fitness, he or she will design a program to push you toward your maximum capabilities. As your level of fitness improves, the trainer also makes adjustments to your program to reflect that improvement. You’ll always be working toward your maximum and be seeing results faster.

You’ll never get bored at a boot camp.

Personal trainers don’t stick with the same drill every time. That would be boring. Instead the trainer adds new workouts regularly to always keep your interest. You may go back to a few occasionally, but you’ll never be bored with the same old thing week after week. Trainers also know exercises that get results faster, so you’ll be working smarter too.

There’s plenty of comradery at a boot camp. Everyone is struggling and often cheer each other onto victory.

You’ll learn how to do exercises correctly. Not only does the trainer show you, he or she watches to insure you do them right to avoid injury and maximize results.

You’ll learn how to do a wide variety of exercises you can do on your own once boot camp ends. Most of the exercises at a boot camp require little or no equipment, so you can do them anywhere.

You’ll feel fantastic. Not only will you feel healthier and stronger after just a few weeks, you’ll also feel more confident and self-assured.

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