Ontario Boot Camp

An Ontario boot camp might be exactly what you need to get the fitness results that you’ve hoped to achieve. If you’ve laid out your own personal program of exercise to achieve this, that’s great. However, it seems that no matter how good our intentions are to get fitter, lose weight or boost our energy levels, after a few days or weeks those intentions start to wane and soon we find we’re missing one exercise session and then another. One of the reasons that happens is because we fail to see quick results and that can be discouraging.

Personal trainers run boot camps so you get a personalized program.

Unless you’re an expert in fitness or physiology, you probably aren’t sure of your actual fitness level and may either create a workout that’s too easy or one that’s beyond your capabilities causing every problem from discouragement to injury. Working out at a boot camp eliminates that problem since personal trainers run them. The trainer first assesses all the participants and then designs individual programs for each person.

You may be all doing push-ups, but with varied numbers of reps and intensity levels.

No two people at the boot camp will have the same level of fitness. Some may be complete couch potatoes that barely can lift their mouse or remote. Others might be old pros at working out and far advanced from the others. Trainers will often vary the form of the exercise. If push-ups are the exercise, those just starting fitness programs may do a modified bent knee version, while the super fit participant might be doing them on finger tips. Some will be asked to do five sets of ten repetitions, while the least fit might be doing one set of five repetitions.

You’ll work hard, but it will still be within your capability.

Trainers will push you toward your maximum potential, but still within your capabilities. As your fitness level improves, the trainer will adjust the workout to reflect that improvement. That’s one reason you’ll see faster results. You’ll always be working hard and never resting on your achievements.

You’ll pay less for the services of a personal trainer because everyone shares the cost of the trainers time. It’s less per person, but you still get the same services as private sessions.

You’ll make lots of friends at a boot camp. Everyone is working toward their maximum potential, so each person knows how hard it is. You’ll often hear words of encouragement and sometimes cheers for each other.

You’ll learn how to do each exercise correctly. Doing them incorrectly won’t give the results you hoped to achieve and can cause injury.

Some boot camps provide a money back guarantee if you work hard and don’t achieve your goal.

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