Oakville Personal Trainers

If you’re having trouble losing weight or have health issues because of your sedentary lifestyle, consider using the services of one of the Oakville personal trainers. Personal trainers don’t have a one size fits all type of program. First they assess each person’s level of fitness, listen to their goals and learn of any special needs. Only then does the trainer create a program to address all your issues and help you work on weak muscle groups as well as overall fitness.

Workout alone, with one other person or in a group at a boot camp.

Some people find they work best in private session with the trainer, others like to workout with another person there. For those who want the most for their money, boot camps tend to be the route they like to go. At a boot camp, even though you may be doing some of the same exercises as another person, the level of intensity and number of reps will vary based on your own needs based on the trainers assessment of each person. The individual sessions are the most expensive, but are often the most effective. When you workout in a small group or at a boot camp, you share the cost of the trainer’s time, so it’s less per person.

Exercise isn’t the only help the trainer provides.

Everything we do affects our health. Everyday stresses, inactivity and poor eating habits negatively affect our health, but the reverse is also true. Adequate nutrition, regular exercise and stress reduction can help improve it. In fact, if you can’t eliminate life’s stresses, which is pretty normal, you can eliminate the hormones created by stress, such as cortisol. Working out, burns off the stress hormones and replaces them with ones that make you feel good.

Learning to take time for your health and make the changes that improve it is important.

If you’re like most people, you probably spend more of your time worrying about taking care of your family, doing the best at your job or making sure everyone stays healthy to pay any attention to your health. Learning to eat healthier, increase the amount of daily exercise and take some “me” time away from everyone is important. Some simple things that help are taking the stairs rather than the elevator or parking a bit further away from the building, but you still need a regular form of exercise and healthy eating for maximum results.

You’ll get fit faster when you work with a personal trainer because you’ll be working toward your maximum potential. As your fitness level improves, the trainer adjusts the workout to reflect that improvement.

The trainer won’t give you a diet, but instead teach you how to eat healthier. Some of the changes may be small, such as substituting wild rice for white rice but they all add up to a healthier you.

You burn extra calories when you workout, but you also build muscle tissue. Muscle tissue requires more calories, which means it boosts your metabolism so you’ll be burning more 24/7.

Learning a healthier lifestyle is more than just making you healthy. You’ll be able to share that lifestyle with your family and help them live a fitter, healthier life, too.

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