Oakville Bootcamp

If you want to have fun and get fit at the same time, consider attending an Oakville bootcamp. Personal trainers run boot camps and provide the same services they offer to individual clients. Before the exercising starts, the trainer first assesses each person’s fitness level and designs a program specifically for them.

You may be doing the same exercises but with different intensity, forms and number of reps.

Everyone at the boot camp may be doing the same exercise, such as push ups. However, some people may be doing a modified form of push up, such as one on bent knee, particularly if that person isn’t fit. Others, who might be a bit more fit, may do the traditional type of push up, but a limited number of them or minimal reps. The more fit the person is, the more reps they may do, or even do them faster or with a modified form that makes it more difficult.

There’s plenty of comradery at a boot camp.

You’ll be working toward your maximum potential, so you’ll be working hard. After doing a few minutes of workout, you’ll probably wonder where the fun is. Everyone is working to his or her potential, so everyone is having a difficult time. Each time you workout with the group, the group bond becomes stronger. By the end of the boot camp, you’ll often hear people cheering each other on to success or even having friendly competitions.

You’ll get all the benefits of having a personal trainer but at a discounted price.

When you workout at a boot camp, the trainer assesses your fitness level and designs a program specifically for your needs, just like he or she does in private sessions. You may get personalized nutritional information, too. However, everyone is paying for the trainer’s time, so the cost is divided among the group and far lower per person. Some people first use individual sessions to get started and then switch to a boot camp for maintenance or further improvement.

Boot camps normally use exercises that don’t require much equipment, such as body weight exercises or calisthenics. You’ll learn a lot of new exercises you can do at home.

You’ll learn the right way to do each exercise, which is particularly good for someone unfamiliar with working out. Doing an exercise wrong can minimize the benefits or even worse, cause injury.

You’ll make new friends at boot camp. Some people form friendships that last for a long time or develop a gym buddy relationship and workout together after boot camp.

You’ll never be bored at a boot camp. Personal trainers vary the exercises to always keep the workout fresh.

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