Oakville Boot Camp

If you’ve failed at losing weight or getting into shape before, it might be time to consider an Oakville boot camp. A boot camp is a great way to start a weight loss of fitness program because you work toward your maximum potential, but not beyond your capabilities. That means you’ll be making the most of each workout and seeing results faster. Results are the driving force that keeps you working out and on track.

Personal trainers run a boot camp.

You’ll get all the services of a personal trainer, but at a fraction of the price. The trainer will identify your level of fitness, including any weak muscle groups, and create a workout for your level of fitness that also considers any weaker muscle groups, your goals and any special needs. The special needs may include physical problems that would require a modification of the form The trainer also tracks your progress and as you improve, adjusts your workout to reflect that improvement.

You’ll never be bored at a boot camp.

Trainers use a wide variety of exercises, most of which require little or no equipment. The trainer shows you how to do each exercise correctly, but doesn’t use the same routine every day. Instead, you’ll get a wide variety of different exercises to eliminate any monotony and keep your focus. By doing a number of different exercises, it also insures you work all muscles in your body in all possible ways.

You’ll make a lot of friends at boot camp.

No matter how much each person wants to enjoy the workout, it’s tough. Each person is working toward his or her own maximum capability and knows just how hard it is for their fellow boot campers. It creates empathy for one another and that helps create a cohesive group. Participants often cheer each other on to success and sometimes become workout buddies after the boot camp ends.

You’ll learn how to do a vast array of exercises correctly. You can continue to workout on your own even after the boot camp ends using them.

You’ll build muscle tissue and muscle tissue requires more calories than fat tissue does so you’ll be boosting your metabolism. That makes weight loss even faster.

You’ll not only burn off calories, you’ll burn off the hormones created by stress, such as cortisol. Cortisol is associated with abdominal fat.

You’ll boost your energy level. That will help you have the energy to do other things that are active when you’re not exercising. That also helps you lose more weight.

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