Mississauga Boot Camp

Whether you want to slim down your body for swimsuit season or build up your strength for more fun in the summer sun, a Mississauga boot camp can help you do it. You don’t have to need to lose weight to benefit from a boot camp. In fact, that’s one reason trainers who run boot camps also ask what your goal is. If you just want to be stronger and have more endurance, you won’t be doing a lot of exercises that burn calories. On the other hand, those that want to lose weight may focus more heavily on calories burning.

Personal trainers design programs for each person.

There’s no cookie-cutter approach to fitness at a boot camp. Each person is different. Even if two people were at the same fitness level, one may have weaker biceps and need work on that while the other might need to focus on endurance. That’s why trainers also assess each person’s fitness level, besides learning their goals. Trainers also find out if clients have special needs, such as a physical problem that might require modifying an exercise to accommodate them.

People of all fitness levels workout at the same time.

All the participants may be doing the same exercise, but they won’t be doing the same number of reps, the same intensity level and sometimes not even the same form. A fit person might do a regular push-up where a beginner might do one on bent knee. Each will be working their hardest toward reaching maximum potential.

You’ll actually have fun getting fitter.

While you’ll sweat more than you might walking a mile, you’ll probably have a lot more fun working out with other people. Sometimes misery loves company and since everyone is working their hardest you’ll be sharing that, which actually builds comradery. People often cheer each other onto victory or applaud and congratulate each other after a tough workout. Some people even make lifelong friends and workout together after camp ends. Walking a mile by yourself is far lonelier and less fun.

You’ll feel fantastic after working out at a boot camp and build your energy level. You’ll be ready for more fun in the sun in no time.

You’ll tone or build muscles, lose weight if you need to and build your strength and endurance at a boot camp. That makes your clothes fit better, too.

You’ll be amazed at the confidence you’ll develop after working out for a while. Maybe it’s because you look and feel better, maybe it’s because you stuck with a goal and succeeded. It really doesn’t matter, it’s all good.

You’ll get the benefit of having a personal trainer at a far lower cost than private sessions. That’s because everyone shares the cost of the trainer so it’s less per capita.

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