Motivation And Inspiration Helps To Excel To The Next Level

Physical activity has been integrated into my lifestyle for many years. I hit a plateau, however, in 2013 and was looking for motivation and inspiration to take me to the next level of my workout. That is when I approached Shelley wanting to sign up for a boot camp. I had no idea what a boot camp would entail, but I knew what I was after and that was change! Shelley reviewed my profile and in consultation with me decided to personally train me instead – I am glad she did.

I am exceptionally pleased with the results after one year of training with Shelley. She genuinely cares about her clients and wants them to achieve what is best for them. Her enthusiasm and positive approach to healthy living and fitness is contagious; it motivates you and keeps you engaged in the process of achieving a healthy body and mind.

I highly recommend Shelley as a trainer. You will appreciate her commitment to healthy living and fitness and the sense of community she promotes in her studio.

Hafeeza Bassirullah

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