Mother Of 4 Children It’s Never To Late To Start!!

I live in the neighbourhood and for 8 years have driven past Get Fit Fast multiple times a day. Not a weekwould go by that I didn’t think to myself “I should check that out”. As every busy mother knows you always place yourself at the bottom of the list. “I’ll call tomorrow” would turn into next week, which would turn into next month and so on. Well, it took me 4 children and the dread of turning 40 years old that prompted me to email Shelley.

I was a little intimidated with the thought of someone seeing just how out of shape I really had become. Shelley very quickly made me feel at ease and it became apparent she had credibility. I have had problems with my knees since my teens. Thanks to genetics and body mechanics I have had to be careful and suffered at the hands of inexperienced people who called themselves “trainers”. Shelley very quickly zeroed in on my weaknesses without me having to tell her. And so began what I affectionately called my “Fear of Forty” workout. Shelley believed in me and pushed me beyond what I thought I was capable of doing. I still laugh at my inability to climb stairs or pick up one of the kids in those early post workout days. Unlike the gym culture, where I was very self conscience, Get Fit Fast felt very inclusive. Shelley’s flexible schedule allowed me to fit my workouts into my life. With a husband that travels and 4 children this was crucial. I discovered a new inner strength and confidence I had long forgotten. The best part, my body changed too! With ┬áthe guidance (ok and sometimes butt kicking) from Shelley I transformed my body in ways I never thought possible. I pulled out those black leather pants from my 20’s (YES! my 20’s) and wore them with pride. The dreaded big 4-0 came and went. I celebrated in style in fitted size 6 sweater dress!! I partied the night away and relished in my friends and families praises. That was 2 years ago….

I underestimated how changing the physical shell can transform the inner person. With physical strength comes a sense of empowerment. As a wife, mother and nurse I know how important good health is and how much we take it for granted. Exercise has become part of my weekly routine. I look forward to my early morning workouts. There is a close group of “regulars” who make that 5:30am commitment. We all come in different shapes and sizes. We come together quite by chance through the amazing guidance of one enlightening lady, Shelley. We recently cheered on a fellow client who to my amazement did a plank for 4 minutes! Way to go Rob!

So next time you are whizzing by the corner with a van full of kids, undoubtedly late for next hockey practice or piano lesson, I hope you remember me. Take the time to call Shelley and make that first step towards taking care of you! I promise you won’t regret it. I look forward to sweating it out together!

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