My Journey With Get Fit Fast!!!


Get Fit Fast

My journey with “Get Fit Fast” started in December of 2012 when at 42 years of age and working in the Healthcare Industry I decided I

The other part of “Get Fit Fast” is the environment.  The studio members are so friendly, fun and supportive; which made my grueling workouts easy to take……I Found I wasn’t just a number at a gym …I was part of a family


In the end…I had 5 months to prepare for a Diva Bikini Competition in Montreal ….two workouts a day on an amazing food plan (Designed by Shelley) That allowed me to place first and obtain a PROCARD…which is really unheard of at my age.  What Shelley taught me…anything is possible with a desire and commitment……And of course the right personal trainer.  Shelley thank you so much for your time, commitment and support …I could not have done it without you.




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