Success Continues For Debbie Cortina

When I started with GFF I thought all I needed to do was exercise. Shelley tried to explain to me that exercise alone wouldn’t be enough. I had to change my diet. I didn’t in the beginning, but then I tried it and lo and behold I lost weight! (She is so smart). I felt good, but I suffered from the misconception that I could go back to my old ways and keep the weight off. Boy was I wrong. I hit my highest weight of 201lbs in Sept 2013. The picture you see is what motivated me to change my eating habits for good. Shelley helped with continuing to support me with exercises appropriate for me and she never gave up on me. She supports not having to run (which is great because I don’t like running). She always reminded me to make sure I got some form of cardio and walking was sufficient. Always remember to stretch! If I had a pain that I thought would stop me from exercising, she would think of different ways to accomplish the goal without the discomfort. I am always impressed by her wealth of knowledge. As I loose the weight, (I’m currently 165 lbs) Shelley continues to vary the routines to keep it interesting and always motivates me to do my best. I look forward to loosing the final bit of weight and keeping it off! I now have more energy, feel great and I don’t like to ‘just sit around’ any more! (Who would have thought that would happen)
Thank-you Shelley!

Debbie Corrina

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