Get Fit Fast…. An Experience

Get Fit Fast….An Experience

My name is Rob and started working with Shelley in March of 2013. I had made a commitment to myself to take better care of my body as a New Year’s resolution. To that end I started a program of diet and exercise on my own and to say that my success was limited would be an overstatement.

A friend referred me to Shelley. We met for about 20 minutes and I had a very good feeling about Shelley and her professional approach to physical fitness. She works with you at your pace always testing you to do better. Her knowledge of the body and its physiology is profound.

To say that my results since working with Shelley have been above expectations would be an understatement. I have lost 15 pounds just through regular workouts. Sure I watch what I eat and drink but that’s only natural for the goals I set. My body is in better shape than it has been for many years. My golf game is even getting better! All because of regular visits with Shelley!

To top it all off, the people that come to see Shelley and Get Fit Fast are superb. Lots of laughs and lots of hard work. Imagine….going to the gym and enjoying it! Truly a routine worth getting into!

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