Weights Versus Cardio – Important Points To Note

If you’re someone who has been going about an Oakville weight loss program for a while and has your diet under control now, it may be time to start considering what you should be doing on the workout side of things.

Getting a proper workout in place is definitely going to be a critical element that’s required for great success with any fitness program, but many people don’t quite understand where to start.

It’s always going to be ideal to consult with an Oakville personal trainer for guidance whenever you’re feeling lost, but doing your own research on the basic concepts you need to know can also be to your benefit.

Let’s have a quick look at the weights versus cardio debate.

The Post-Workout Burn Factor

The first important point to take into account is the post-workout burn factor.  Basically speaking, the more you can increase your metabolic rate after a workout session for the hours after the workout has been completed, the faster your weight loss will move along.

Those who have their body burning calories at an elevated rate 24/7 are going to see that much faster results than those who don’t – simply put.

Weight training earns top marks in this department because it’s the form of exercise that will keep your metabolic rate elevated for up to 48 hours after the session is completed. With cardio training on the other hand, as soon as you step off the cardio equipment, your metabolic rate essentially drops back down to baseline.

The Body Transformation Factor

The second point to know is the body transformation factor. In terms of actually changing how you look overall, weight training wins out here as well.

While cardio training can help you burn calories and therefore shed off body fat, weight training is what will completely change the way your body looks.

With a good weight training program, you can add more muscle definition and curves to your body where you never had any before.

Cardio training will not cause the same effects.

The Boredom Factor

The last factor to consider in the debate of weights versus cardio is the boredom factor. Let’s face the facts, slaving away on the treadmill, bike, or elliptical for hours each week is far from entertaining.

With weight lifting on the other hand, your workouts will be constantly changing, so they’ll be that much more stimulating overall.

Most people find that they really look forward to the weight lifting workouts they’re doing, so this can help with adherence to your workout plan in general. The more often you complete your workouts the better your results will be regardless of what you’re doing, so this point cannot be overlooked.

Creating Balance

So there you have the main pros and cons of weight lifting versus cardio training. This doesn’t mean that you should cut cardio training out completely – some cardio can be added for overall health benefits, but you must never let it come before weight training. Doing so would be making a big mistake as far as your overall progress is concerned.

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